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Cafe Regal

At Cafe Regal, eastern food integrates with western to create a mouth-watering menu. With everything from South Asian cuisine right through to traditional steaks, Cafe Regal has delicious food for all tastes and all occasions.

This pioneering Asian cafe is open from morning to night. It serves traditional breakfasts, continental breakfasts, lunches and even five course evening meals. A wide choice of coffees, teas, juices and snacks is also available..

Cafe Regal is a new concept in Kashmiri, Pakistani and Indian casual dining, situated in the heart of Bradford's famous White abbey Road which is home to Vibrant boutiques, shops selling traditional shoes and glittering jewellery stores.

Cafe Regal offers contemporary Kashmiri Pakistani and Indian food with a revolutionary style. Amongst the revolution is the traditional breakfast for the early bird consisting of Halwa Poori's & Chana and Shorba & Kulchas.